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PT.Metinca Prima Industrial Works was founded in 1986 at its present site on Pulogadung Industrial Estate in Jakarta. The company is privately owned and is the first of its kind in Indonesia. Metinca has the leading advantage in the production of high-quality castings, both of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, which gives much wider customer base and more importantly, gives customers greater freedom of choice. If high quality, great price and excellent service are your main concern, then Metinca Prima is the right choice for you.


To produce beneficial investment castings products that add value to the industry and are safe for the environment.


To feature technology development, as well as reliable human resources, and to be able to work together in a healthy working environment with both customers and suppliers, with the aim to create innovative and high-quality products.

Currently Metinca have 3 foundries that is located separately,


The Pulogadung foundry was established in 1986 and began operating in the field of investment castings in the same year. With a total area of 0,6 ha, it is located in Jl. Rawa Sumur Barat No.6  Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung. The number of workers currently working on this site is about 300.


The Tambun foundry was founded in the year 2002, sitting on an area of 2,02 Ha. Located in Jl. Setia Dharma No.35 Tambun Selatan, Bekasi 17510, over 600 workers are now working at the foundry. Aside of focusing on investment casting, it also has a valve division, sand casting division using furan process and permanent mould division (low pressure die casting), adding variety to work that the company can produce.


The Salatiga foundry was established in 2016, with an area of 1.50 Ha. Located in Jl.Srikandi, DK Brajan RT 001/RW 003 Noborejo, Argomulyo, Salatiga - Jawa Tengah. Employing around 135 workers, the foundry focuses on investment castings

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